Welcome to MY SIZES , this website is helping people (male only) who live far away from physical stores and shopping malls, or live in a rural area and do only online shopping. And not very sure about the sizes for example shoes, t-shirt, and trousers in a particular brand. Sometimes when you are buying from the internet, especially some brands, even if you have already chosen your regular size but might end up too large or small. Some brands might tell you their measurement and some website will also tell you the product details, but still, might end up not the right size and some will tell you their size is running small order half a size up, which is helpful. My sizes guideline is based on the size of shoes, t-shirts, and trousers that I’m wearing. I will compare only brands that I bought and wear, and most of them are brands that you can get from a trusted website. I will also talk about the website where I usually buy my personal items from  (e.g. shoes, t-shirt, trousers, etc.,)